• Mike Crofts

Welcome to Amodigo

We are evolving. 3Pillars Innovation will now be known as Amodigo (Industrious Leader).

Following the amazing success of the 3Pillars Project charity he started 5 years ago, Amodigo Founder Mike Crofts said: “3Pillars Project will continue unaffected, but we now want to reach beyond the charity sector, and grow within the business world”. We are already delivering leadership and teamwork consultancy to a number of organisations who identify with our commitment to social purpose.

It's not just about building a business, it’s about building a business that can give something back. Mike has recognised that charity is incredibly important in supporting young people with mentoring, but when it comes to them moving forward, we’ve got to be able to offer a greater range of employment opportunities.

Amodigo is established along the principles of investing in leaders, teams and in future talent. For the past 3 years Mike has delivered consulting projects in some of the country’s leading start ups and recognisable tech firms, as well as supporting 3Pillars Project graduates into sustainable work opportunities. Building on this success, Amodigo will be creating an apprenticeship programme in the coming year to support a diverse range of talent.

The creation of Amodigo allows us to continue our corporate work separately from the charity, which is important for the charity’s independence, whilst also creating new opportunities for employment.

Amodigo have exciting news coming soon about the upcoming future leaders programme, as well as some superb partnerships with amazing coaches and associates. Thank you for your support. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss leadership development, investing in your team or if you are interested in our future leaders and apprenticeship programme.

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