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Welcoming Abbie Taft to the Amodigo team….

We are delighted to welcome Abbie to the Amodigo team as Learning and Development Director. Abbie has some amazing experience and brings a wealth of knowledge and exciting ideas with her that we can’t wait to deliver”, Said Amodigo CEO and Founder Mike Crofts.

Amodigo (Industrious Leader) was founded to enable ambitious businesses to reach their organisational goals by engaging and retaining their talent with informed programmes in leadership, teamwork, wellbeing and resilience. Its roots are in social purpose, providing mentorship programmes and sustainable employment, as well as Mike’s experience creating the Criminal Justice charity 3Pillars Project.

Before joining Amodigo Abbie served as the CPO (Chief People Officer) in a growing telecoms firm and faced many of the challenges that Amodigo was founded to overcome, this isinvaluable experience.

On Joining Amodigo, Abbie said: “I am thrilled to announce that I am returning to the working world after the arrival of my twin boys, this is an exceptional opportunity to join Mike at Amodigo - a business founded to support ambitious leaders who wish to improve themselves, improve the environment and wellbeing of their team, and provide meaningful training and opportunities for future leaders. People who know me well will understand what a perfect fit for me this really is”.

Indeed as a CPO, Abbie faced many of the challenges that Amodigo will address: “All too often, training is provided as an organisational objective ticklist with no further engagement or embedding of that new knowledge or skill - I understand this and have experienced the challenges businesses face in doing training well for both their people and in achieving wider organisational goals. During Mike’s introduction of Amodigo to me I had already jumped on board as, having worked with Mike at 3Pillars Project, I knew the training we would be designing and delivering would be best in class, and answer a real workplace requirement which is extremely important to me. The training we provide will be meaningful and support employee and employer ambition.” Abbie’s business experience is augmented by her involvement with the Premier League’s elite coaching apprenticeship scheme and her seven years as a British Army Officer, who served in Afghanistan.

“I am particularly passionate about developing junior and new-in-role managers and those that are new to the work environment; our future leaders’ programmes and the proposition we are creating there really is exciting!”

We are delighted to have Abbie join us and we are sure you will agree that she is an excellent addition to the team.

In the meantime, please check out and get in touch.

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