What we do

We seek to erase the myth that leadership cannot be learnt, practiced and improved. Leadership, like any skill, can be taught, developed and enhanced to maximise performance, contentment and resilience within organisations.


With meaningful training, people can be properly prepared for leadership and management responsibility. Amodigo delivers simultaneous leadership education alongside ongoing mentorship and coaching. At the core of our delivery is the belief that leaders must first understand themselves and their organisation before they can effectively influence others.

Executive & Management Leadership Programmes


Our experts provide leadership coaching and have designed several leadership modular programmes that will: 


  • Develop your leadership growth by identifying your uniqueness, capacity and your further potential

  • Help you understand your leadership behaviours and how you impact others

  • Develop your versatile and conscious leadership capability to improve interactions and relationships

  • Support you to implement long-lasting change and action you desire

Our programme has been devised to be delivered modularly in groups or to individuals one on one, in various environments. Its content will be further tailored through consultation to ensure the requirements of the leader's ambition and experience is met.

Effective leadership strengthens and inspires your company culture, improves employee retention and ensures organisational performance. 

Team Workshops


Our programmes are designed on data and experience to:

  • Identify and understand behaviours within the team

  • Develop focus and alignment of individual, team and organisational goals using coaching methodologies

  • Improve working relationships

  • Support enduring capability for honest dialogue and development of trust

Workshops can be delivered face to face (on and off-site) and online, and we find are best embedded when followed up with individual coaching sessions to work through action plans including coping mechanisms. 

Our team workshops support organisations who wish to sustain a culture of mutual respect, and success for all, and support wider business goals of talent engagement and retention. 

Team Challenges


We get your team's away from their desks and provide a range of team development challenges that include:

  • Outdoor adventure

  • Survival and bushcraft skills

  • Tasks to exercise teamwork under pressure

  • Leadership / leaderless challenges

We can design challenges for clients who have a specific purpose, theme or location in mind (but we do favour the fresh air for these) and will soon be launching an annual competition for teams to participate in.

These challenges are perfect for businesses that want to develop strong collaborative working, confidence, initiative and creative thinking.  

Using technology and excellence in leadership and team wellbeing we provide an enduring, meaningful and sustainable impact for all businesses.


Similing Team


& Team Effectiveness

Wellbeing programmes that genuinely support your team's emotional, physical and mental health, become a main driver as to why people want to work in your organisation.  A core enabler of employee engagement, businesses with wellbeing programmes outperform those that don't and yield valuable, long-term improvements in your team's happiness and resilience.


We design bespoke programmes with you using our full range of training capabilities to deliver across the emotional, physical and mental factors involved and can deliver face to face and virtually.  

Accredited Mental Health First Aid training (MHFA)

Our range of training courses, delivered by our expert and experienced practitioner, provide:  

  • An understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing

  • Practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues

  • Confidence to step in, reassure and support a person in distress

  • Enhanced interpersonal skills such as non-judgemental listening

  • Knowledge to help someone recover their health 


We provide the 2 day MHFA course, 1 day MH Champion, 4 Hour Awareness and 4 hour Refresher course face to face and online


Mental Health and Resilience Consultancy


We can work collaboratively with you to deliver unique programmes using the following content:

  • Explore personal and team resilience

  • Workplace MH awareness talk to improve your team's understanding

  • Explore distinct mental health issues, including those that specifically affect male, female, LGBTQ+ and BAME communities

  • Influencing issues such as adversity, stress, sleep and fatigue

Delivered face to face or online

Physical Fitness and Wellbeing


We deliver a number of exciting sessions alongside our partner 3Pillars Fitness:

  • Boxing academy and training delivered by our pro boxer coach

  • Pilates

  • Fitness, circuits and boot-camp sessions

  • Nutrition

  • Training plans, mobility and injury recovery advice

Delivered face to face or online

Accredited Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training 


Our interactive and comprehensive course is delivered by our two excellent trainers and will:

  • Improve suicide alertness

  • Prepare you to provide the appropriate interventions

  • Minimise risk and maximises safety

  • Examine the barriers to seeking help

  • Scientifically proven and evidence based


We provide the 2 day course face to face and it is scientifically proven, evidence based and is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Supportive Friend


Drinking Coffee

Future Leaders

Launching soon!

Our Future Leaders Programmes are being designed to provide a social learning community, develop strong business acumen and interpersonal skills, and of course are underpinned with meaningful training and support using best in class technology. 

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